Become a Successful Massage Therapist

Helpful Hints for Success

Professional massage therapists will tell you that choosing a great working environment, like Massage Envy, is the first important step in becoming successful as a massage therapist. Choose a massage position that allows you to work within your physical abilities, offers flexible schedules to meet your personal needs, and supports you in growing professionally and developing advanced skills. Seasoned massage therapists also agree that having a positive attitude and focusing on the below will help contribute greatly to your longevity in a massage career:

  • Being passionate about helping others through massage therapy
  • Communicating effectively to coach clients in receiving regularly scheduled massage
  • Practicing self-care, proper body mechanics and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Participating in continuing education to broaden knowledge and hands on skills
  • Behaving ethically and maintaining professional boundaries with clients at all times
  • Always meeting each client's therapeutic expectations/requests
  • Networking with other professional massage therapists through individual meetings and attending conferences
  • Portraying a professional image on business cards and business marketing materials
  • Staying current and connected on events within the health and wellness industry
  • Subscribing to massage therapy magazines and newsletters
  • Joining local organizations promoting massage therapy
  • Being  service-minded, ambitious, and professional
  • Working within your capabilities and limitations
  • Developing and maintaining effective communication skills and practicing active listening