Career in Skin Care

Are you looking for a rewarding career?

Do you see yourself as someone who enjoys helping people maintain and improve their skin care and well-being? Do you want a career with a flexible schedule to fit your lifestyle?  Are you seeking a meaningful change in your life? If you answered yes to these questions, a career as an esthetician is just what you're looking for.


"The job outlook for estheticians is very favorable, with an expected growth of 38% between 2008 and 2018."


- Bureau of Labor Statistics

Esthetician Jobs

Today, more than ever, people are recognizing the importance of skin care in treating
skin disorders and concerns.  As the popularity of skin care services increases, so does
the demand for qualified estheticians.  

 There are so many reasons to consider an esthetician career:

  • Fast growing profession with many job choices
  • Flexible working schedules and hours
  • Active and healthy work environment
  • Personally satisfying while helping others
  • Financially rewarding
  • Professional and personal growth opportunities

Beauty Changes Lives

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